The place for dirty clothes, dung freckles and straw itches

Mums and dads, grandpas and grandmas be warned. At our farm, you're allowed to get dirty! Helping to milk the cows can lead to 'dung freckles' and playing in the straw hut can lead to 'straw itches'. But we promise you that above all, you'll have a lot of fun during your farm holiday!

When you stay at our farm, your holiday cottage comes with its very 'own' cow. For instance Laura the cow or Rozetta the cow. You can spot her from your holiday cottage by recognising her spots, but you can also help farmer Frans or his son Lenn actually milk your own cow and the others.

Of course, there is lots to do on the farm, like feeding the calves and the chickens. Walking our two friendly Border Collies Evi and Kiddik. Or help out Truus with seeding her kitchen garden and harvesting all the delicious fruit and vegetables.

In addition to farm jobs, we also have lots of pedal cars for you. There also is a small football pitch, a trampoline and a large hill of sand for you to play on. There's a big straw hut in the barn where young and old can have fun, even if the weather's lousy.